Tips Resume/CV Terbaik (ANDA ADA 6 SAAT!)

Ya, hanya 6 saat sahaja yang anda ada untuk menyerlah! Jadi make use of the 6 seconds untuk menyerlah di antara timbunan CV/Resume untuk mendapatkan jawatan yang anda apply. Letakkan diri kita sebagai orang HR, nak kena filter banyak resume. Buat orang HR terpegun dengan 

1- Warna
2- Layout Resume yang Menarik
3 - Info padat dan padu dalam 1 Muka surat sahaja.

Contoh CV/Resume Melda (styling)

Baca info berguna daripada facebook Tuan Ir Meor Shamsir ini


This is how I think a good resume would look like. Good enough for me!

This is what I called a mini skirt resume. Simple, sexy and worth a second look!

Note on personal info:
1. Full name as in your ic
2. Residential address
3. Give only 1 hp number
4. Do not give funny email address such as Make up formal email like
5. State your might reside somewhere different from your origin. Some employers need locals to work for them.

Note on education background:
1. State your latest institution graduated
2. State up to only sekolah menengah. Sekolah rendah tak perlu.
3. State your degree class or pointer.

Note on work experience:
1. Latest company worked for, period of service and postion.
2. If you are fresh. State fresh and available.

Note on skills:
1. Study the company 1st. Then state your related skills for the company on top. Other skills last.

Note on award and co curriculum:
1. State your highest award.
2. State your curricular activities.
3. State your passions in this section.

General notes:
1. Use font like Times New Roman.
2. Make a 1-page resume. You will save the company paper. Ease of filing. Ease of view on phone/tablet.
3. PDF your resume.
4. Put a passport size photo of your cute face. Don't forget to smile.