Salam everyone. Today is wednesday and usually I got one class only which is music management. My lect, Mrs Pang cant make it today bcs she's busy lah kot. Yesterday was horrible bcs i failed one song for forum so imma sing it again next week. Pffft! Lect said that im not prepared pdahal last week dh practice with my accompanist. Plus, Nina is my fave song of course i'll sing it with full of my heart. BUT! I know my biggest weakness is NERVOUS! when i get nervous, everythg's becoming awful. *sigh. For me, i dont feel comfortable to perform in ensemble. Dont ask me why, I just dont now why. Pls pray for me next week. perhaps some of you may say "ala nyanyi je lah apa susah?" no, it's not tat easy. It's a soprano, you have to sing with the technique, the right notes, breathing technique also u'll have to consider. but who wants to be a soprano singer anyway? me? no im not going to sing at the church. hmm what can i do, they (the pihak yg tertentu) have decided that we have to sing it tat way. I must stay + just think tat it is a knowledge and tk it as advantage. below were the comments from my lects for Nina.


  1. awww....please dont be sad. your voice just the wesstest thing.