what the heck is LIBB? LIBB stands for Latihan Intensif brassband. got tat bebeh? Hah ni nak story siket pasal LIBB. I went to LIBB on 15th May til 24th May 2010. Lama tak bro? Only a few people(choosen) can survive in this camp haha kidding. As usual camp mcm ni need strength to face with the commanders. I mean, you know how poyo they are esp on kawad scene. haha But i understand, they are just doing their job. Every morning we have to lari 5 round kat parking lot. Can u imagine i yg xberlemak loss weight kat situ. So blk mmg tggl tulang je haha not funny. LIBB this time combine dgn other cawangan, cawangan Jengka and Kelantan. I dont want to be mean la but it is anoyg dgr dorang cakap dialek dorg tu. Lucky me, I got a cool roommates. wohoo we're like gossiping the whole night haha. Sapa cari psl mmg kena gossip la mlm tu. In 10 days, Imma say tat we can knw each other better. Dari situ kita boleh nampak kebaikan keburukan seseorang yang kita jarang jumpa. On koko ,we meet only once a week which is in every saturday. So now dh nampak dh sapa yg boleh buat kawan. :D Okay ada lagi satu nak story, I regret it so much! I was accidently terjatuhkan mouth piece clarinet masa nak pasang clarinet tu. I was seating on the chair lepastu tak tau la mcm mana bole terjatuh and i was like fuh nasib jatuh time duduk. Unfortunately, I tgk kat mouth piece tu dh sumbing dah. I started to feel gelabah and I said to leny, leny was seating beside me. I cakap "Leny, tgk ni." Then leny replied, "HAHH? macam mana bole jadi macam ni". and i said " tak tau tadi terjatuh kat situ" (tunjuk kat lantai). Ada dua org witnesses kat belakang i, they saw it. Mmg accidently terjatuh. Then I straight away bg tau one of the clarineters but then dia p habag kat senior. Lepastu senior pulak habag kat komander lepastu apa lagi? Kena denda. DAMN IT! LIBB's rules, sorang buat salah semua kena. So semua clarineters kena berdiri one feet with one hands up for a few minutes. tu kira ok lagi la but then me my self kena bend knees for almost 30mins kot sakit! cehh haha i was lucky sebab before i kena bend tu I telan panadol extend sbb migraine. So lepas kena tu tak sakit sgt. young and strong babe! hahhaha fuh tapi the next day i cant seat properly. Overall It was so tiring,but i had fun met new cool people. thats all.

I miss xira, aina hahh??! and leny, :D