Almost final

Pjam celik pejam celik it's almost 3 months im in uitm and 4 months since i left segi. So far, studies okay la. No assgmnts! :D Most of em just a homework. Aural skills is the one toughest subject tho! I didnt do well on my paper for this subject, damn it! Yang lain tu insyaallah okay. It is soo great to study in here i mean you can hear any kind of music/instrument.And if u are here you'll be able to know more about music. I like to watch em playing their instrument and from there i can see who is really passionate about music. Kat sini I am soo down to the earth sbb yang hebat hebat ramai sgt. Im glad to have em as a friends. Plus, u may have the feelings nak try each instruments! I bought guitar last month :D Currently tgh dok belajar lagi. Next, I wanna try violin since it's cute and small suits for mee :) easy to handle. BUT! theres no fred mcm guitar. That is why melda tabik spring to all musicians. They got gift! If you dont have the skills, the talent, the passion, the attitude, people may not look at you. You see, in a way to be a great musicians they have to struggle and we should appreciate em. WHY? Because they are the one who entertain us. Imagine, world without music.

Melda Ahmad
xoxo ;)