Nama saya RRAAINN

Today, I tot tat i'll be goin to somewhere around Kl with my darling. but since he got headache, kesian pulak so I jst asked him to take me and my cousin to SACC since my cousin wanna buy somethg. Arrived SACC around 8pm bought some stuff and then go to PAS. Met my old friends naem and amie (both of em working at Al- Ehsan) saja sebok kacau dorang kerja and my cousin came out with an idea. How bout we tgk wayang nak? Tgk wayang? (dlm hati, mst bf aku xkasi ni LOL). BUT its been a longg longg time xtgk wyg with em. So i decided to follow em sekali. We went to the cinema nearby which is in bukit raja. Smpai je, alamak cite jepung je byk nak tgk cite apa nih? Ninja Assasin! Alright so smua agreed nk tgk cite tu. I forgot to mention earlier today is my friend's bday (Amie) so lps beli ticket we make a surprise for him. Ninja Assasin is umm okay la, but i dont like to see rain with long hair. Prefer short and spiky! Too many blood splash out on tat movie. Watch out if you're a hemophobia!