I'm done with SEGi

Haih I wish i can stay longer in SEGi cuz i really had a great time with AWESOME friends there. But honestly, i cant stay any longer cuz imma waste my parents money. Why? Because i was really playful in SEGi, seriously. I dont belong here i think. So today, i went to Segi this morning pass up my very last group assigmnt which is Studio Lighting 1. The class was fun, the lecturer was COOL! Thanks Mr. Kevin, what a supportive, cool man he is! And I already return my student ID and tats it! Im done with Segi. Hmm now I guess I wanna get my self prepared for Uitm. I think I need to buy some tops, some cloth, Almaklumlah baju saya ni most of em xcukup kain just like my mum said! lol. So i guess the new life of me will begin very soon.