bye-bye 2009! HELLO 2010!

After Amanat NC, they provide baju batik for all of us.
Meet my roomate, Nik Mysarah.

Day 3, kena tutup rmbut sbb our hair dicop terlalu karat.

Last day,
meet my classmate
left; Deehan, right; Leny

Haih penatnya.. Currently I just came back from MMS (Minggu Mesra Siswa) which so-called minggu orentasi in UiTM Shah Alam. I have to stay in Kolej Seroja for five days. Dan sangat tidak best when i got flu 'sore throat' fever on the second day. Demam panas sangat on the first night smp hari ketiga. They sent me to the Pusat Kesihatan UiTM and i got kalau xsilap 5-6 ubat kena telan including ubat batuk sekali. DAN yang sangat best adalah... I GOT NEW FRIENDS! :D lucky me budak bilik smua satu kepala and i had a really great time with em :) Activities hurm mcm biasala bosan but by the time i nk join yg best2, i cant sbb akak PM xkasi bcs of my fever. haih. Overall, ok la sbb not too much activity, byk masa untuk rehat and no more hazing or ragging seperti yang digembar gemburkan. My student ID or they usually call it kad matrik sucks because of my ugly face. haha Obviously i really look like a smiggle LOL on my ID. haih. Last day in Kolej I was really tired and sleepy. The bus was qt slow. They suppose to sent us to our kolej yg telah di divide mengikut course masing2 and then u can go back home (for students yg rmh dekat). I guess yg ddk jauh like in Kelantan or JB xblk bcs class starts on Monday so idt they hv much time. Sambung cerita, I was really2 sleepy dah xtahan nk tggu bus then i clled papa to fetch me. FYI, i refused to stay in kolej sbb i gt kolej in kampus induk which is in sec 3. But my faculty is located in sec 17 which is sooo easy for me to go from my house. lg dekat compare to my kolej.
Senam Seni Ala Malaysia
I want to join this but I cant sbb akak PM xkasi
sbb my fever still x fully recover so dia takut i sakit
tp i nak. Looks fun.

Lagi Panjang lagi bagus.
Ok yang ni activity berkumpulan.
Kumpulan mana yg dapat sambung apa2 yg dorg ada
time tu untuk panjangkan lagi barisan, they are the winner!

Yang ni pun i cant join sbb i was late.
I came back late from Intec Faculty untuk taklimat Library.
So sampai je kolej dorg smua dh siap pki sports attire, dengan kunci bilik
tak ada mmg xsempat nk join tukar baju lg and so on.
Yang ni pun akak PM kata xpyh join :(

Arrived home around 5pm, i gt my self prepare pulak to celebr8 new year eve with darling (ohh how i miss him, 5 days xjmp). Even penat sgt, demi rindu dan bunga api 2010 membuatkan saya semangat untuk pergi. cewahhh! :p We went to Curve (haih every year mst kat sini je) just to see the fireworks and then lepak somewhere arouund there with his friends. Jadi itu sahajalah cerita saya pada kali ini. 2009 was a mistake for me. Theres alot of bitter then happiness but the Sweetest thing was I met my special boy on Mei. And I hope this 2010 makes me to be a better person, matured, profesional, punctual, and success. AMEEN...


  1. u got intec ek.. which course? :)

  2. its still not too late to wish happy new year, right?

    p/s: im back, still remember me? X)

  3. hey arief how was yr euro trip? must be really exciting.