Ta-ta SEGi, Hola UiTM!

Last night on 12am dengan xsabarnya I checked on uitmonline for the result of december intake and I got dissapointed result. :( But! I never gv up, while waiting my other friends to come to college, i decided to go to the comp lab to check the result again on this morning and i found tat theres no link to view the results for Diploma/Pra Diploma/Ijazah like i checked yesterday except for Asasi. That makes me wonder how the hell i can check my result last night? I scroll down the page and there you are "Keputusan kemasukan bagi program Diploma boleh disemak pada 16 November 2009, mulai jam 12:00 tghr" *sigh. So i think that there must be some error last night and I started to get nervous haha! I looked at my phone, hmm still early its 9am, I shall meet my groupmates now and hvg my breakfst. Aft met em and had my breakfst/lunch, i ran back to the lab *dgn excitednya to check back the result anddd "Keputusan kemasukan bagi program Diploma boleh disemak pada 16 November 2009, mulai jam 5:00 petang " Haihhh macam2! Idk what else to do to wait until 5pm and my friend faten suggested to karaouke in summit fr awhile hehe :) then we go lah for karaouke till sunset. *karaoke smp xingat dunia! hahaha Done karaoke, we go makan fr dinner and go straight bck to faten's house in casa. Dengan excited plus nervous plus takut i log on to uitm http://pengambilan.uitm.edu.my/ to see my result ANNDDD
Yeay!!! I am accepted!!! I dont want to play anymore its time to focus on what i want!


  1. wahhh adekah ini berita betol? huhu congratzz!!! u dah jadi student uitm usaha taqwa mulia..pasni uitm di hatiku lah miahahaha...:D cayalah