A day in House of Matthew

Woke up at 6.15am. Mandi and get everythg prepared to bring to the house and since my bf, mech wanna play futsal in Subang pagi tu jugak, I fetched him at home *kereta cik abg ni rosak, sian dia :p and terus to Segi. Smp Segi around 8.00am. Tggu Melanie (my group leader) smp then we bertolak straight to Gombak to the House of Mathew *its an orphan house.Oh yah I forgot to mention, we pegi ni bukan saje2 je, its for our final assgnmnt for advertising subject. And i got A i mean, we GOT! :D tak sia2 aku spend masa buat t-shirt and the banner :D For the activities we guys do the water baloon and facepainting. Budak tu, haih biasa la nakal2 jugak but still under control. Overall, i had fun, and atleast i got the experience which is idts tat i can get in in UiTM. :D


  1. melda comey...tp da de bf...hm...
    tlambat plak..