Should I, or Shouldn't I?

Last Wednesday, as usual i went to 2D & 3D class. Had a conversation with Ebi which is my classmate abt Uitm Dec intake. Tak sangka Ebi pun ada apply thru online fr december intake and he told me that he got an interview for the course. His interview will be at Johore, and he decided nk blk Johore (his hometown) semalam. Interview dia on Saturday (17/10/2009). Then after my class i pun decide nak check status permohonan thru online, kot2 dapat kan. AND tadaa!! I got an interview for Dip Seni Muzik. Im quite suprise! Terus grab phone and called him, he sounded happy, dia ckp just pergi! I will pergi since my family pun ask me to go. The offer letter ask me to prepare 2 songs, 2 types of song. I guess I already knw what song but havent decide yet. SO, lets say, i pass the interview, how abt my SEGi, my friends,and my assignment?


  1. if its a good thing, just go. opportunity like this, jarang dpt meylda. tp ikut minat u jugak. but if i were u, i prefer uitm lagi. :)

  2. i love music and singing too.
    i pun prefer uitm since dkt giler dgn my house. tp tula xtau lg dapat ke x.
    if dapat i will miss u and buddies in casa. :)

  3. well, people come and go.
    good friends stay.
    so it doesn't matter where ur study, if we have a strong bond, the distance shouldn't be a problem.
    just pray for the best to come.
    gud luck eh! :)