500 days of summer

By the time i was writing this blog, i just watched this very sad movie entitled '500 days of Summer' with faten and ebi. This movie reminds me about my past and it definitely caught my attention. The story tells about boy meet girl and then they are trapped in uneven relationship. The girl just want the relationship to be casual but then the boy started to fall in love with her and suddenly the girl is engaged to some other guy. In this story, i didnt blame the boy because the girl hd been giving him such hope but I agreed in what she said, i cant really remember the line and its kinda sounds like this; 'If she comes to the cafe or smthg, 10 minutes or late, her mate is still there and tats what we call fate.' Sooner or later the boy will get his dream girl too. This story tell us to be positive in any situation esp on relationship and we can realize how much pain it feels to be dumped with someone.
*Zooey and Katy Perry, they are look alike. I love zooey and her style in this movie and she's very pretty isn't she?