RIP Mikaeel Jackson

Last morning, woke up at 9am, masuk bilik Farahin tgk dia kemas2 brg nk blk rmh then suddenly her mum came in and told me tat MJ is dead on 2:26 pm local time (21:26 UTC). I was fucking Shocked! no wonder the radio keeps playing his songs. May him rest in peace. Yesterday i went to curve with adi and syafiqa. We've watched TRANSFORMERS! Damn i love Megan Fox. She's MINE! haha bole x? AND just now i watch this again with faten. im qt sleepy fr the 2nd time. Faten pulak bole nanges twice. haha she looks so cute with her sad face :) Tomorrow planning nak pg low yat buy a filter fr my lens. I ate satay just now, pap bought almost 50 pieces, i dah telan around 15. mintak2 esok gemok haha :)


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  2. MJ died a long time ago.. only his death made him alive again. dont chu think so?