i got neww lover. i love both of them. they always cheer me up and we had so much fun together, to do homework and assignments even br je kenal. I thought tat i wont have such a good, best and greatest friends like em. Ingat lagi masa i gt a very bad headache, u guys bought me panadol, sanggup turun bwh pg beli utk i.
thanks faten, thanks to farahin too. i love u both la. i hope tat u guys will brighten up my day and we'll be bff and ever and ever. never bckstab each other and honesty is the most important thing. SAYANGGG KORANGGGG!! DAN FARAH ELI DIANA JUGEE


  1. wah cool la mereka
    bile la dpt lepak dgn dorg haha

  2. alar meyl got new friends ;((
    haha...kiding im happy for you
    mwahhh ! =)
    syg kau

  3. thank you :)
    adi, bila2 pun bole tp u malu la mcm2 je u nih :p

  4. i kn seorg lelaki..kena la malu2 skit..i xbiasa la kn :P