I love singing since i was at a very young age. I can still remember the first time i sing in front of the public when i was at the Kindergarten. The teacher asked me to sing 'Selamat Hari Raya' by Allahyarhamah Saloma. Then my papa selalu bawa i pergi karaoke kat kenduri kahwin. Dulu selalu sangat karaouke kat rumah and i got lots of karaoke collection but most of em are local songs. My papa loves traditional songs so tat dia byk encouraged i dengan lagu lagu like Sri Mersing, Bunga Tanjung and so on. Pernah jugak my papa brought me to watch singing competition lagu2 tradisional. Dia pengkritik terhebat! :) Do u still remember Who Will Win (WWW) on NTV7? ala yang 10 minutes, hosted by Azizan Nin tu. I was on tat show. Tapi menang twice je so dapat jugak la keluar TV dua hari lol. My sister yang nak sangat i masuk cuz she's a BIG fan of Azizan Nin.

Next, Gangstarz audition pun i pernah try but just for fun. Linda, Adura (my gf) and me sang Drama by niki,ning and yanie. Julieza Adlizan said we don't have tat chemistry (mmg pun! lol) and Azmeer the composer said "semua boleh nyanyi but its better by solo". The most memorable thing is masa i menang Juara by two categories which is Nyanyian Traditional Solo and Nyanyian Tradisional Duet (with naem). Masa tu i form 3 (2006).Both categories i gt RM1500 as the prize and one more Tarian, third place won RM1000 tp kena devide into 7 people. Demi Allah suka sangat masa tu. Not to forget i won Best Participant :D lagi lah suka. Tak pernah diiktiraf sampai begitu rupa. Cikgu pun tumpang gembira. My mum yang tak berapa suka i nyanyi pun bangga jugak la i think masa tu ;p Yelah parents mana tak suka tengok anak diorang success kan? Well actually i don't want to be a singer one day, this is just for fun. Back to the topic. I am just wondering, should i try OIAM? and what song should i sing? i need your help. Do vote the best choice that u prefered. thank you.


  1. okay.. OIAM? hmm.. if u do think u can, then go 4 it... chances only come at once!
    so.. the song? ive heard ur vboice b4.. yg lagu im yours n i kissed a girl rite? hmm...
    y dun u try malay song pulak? malay song, erhmmm... try la songs from luna? im not sure.. but ur voice i think suits her song.. or.. lagu2 dr siti ke.. mila ke? haha... juz try...
    english song.... hmm... ntah la.. byk english song i igt from laki2 je.. hahaha...

    but.. juz go 4 it.. since u've got a nice voice, pegi la... if u make it through, g tawu k... hehe :D

  2. ahha..sudah vote..tak sabar bk tgk melda kat tv..heee
    kinda mis u lil girl ;)

  3. sis meylda nyanyila lagu i'm yours:) sdp suara sis meylda tau!